An all-woman team who soar on high amidst angels, jewellery and greetings cards, brushes, paints, collages, projects and new inspiration.

We dream up, design and create everything by hand in our laboratory in San Daniele del Friuli (Udine) in the far north-east of Italy, a land of borders and exchange of cultures and skills, where the breathtaking countryside has remained pure and is our muse and inspiration.

The colour of infinite possibility.

White is poetry, and light. It is the colour of Angels’ wings just as we have always pictured them. White is an open option, it has no limits. It does not divide; it welcomes in. White is the sum of infinite possibilities, of dreams given the space to come true. White is freedom of thought. It is the child that guides us.

A cloud of contemplation

Featherlight: The harmonious flow of a thought manifesting when we come across the word for an insight deep within in our hearts. Featherlight is the search for happiness in the small things and in the places we love. It is finding our answers in our own time; it is looking around us and feeling a sense of wonder in the miracle of life. Featherlight is sharing joy, and in not having to appear to be something we are not. HYGGE is the word that holds this philosophy in its arms.

In all of the L’Oca Bianca ed Altre Storie® tales

Poetry is a gentle brushstroke that reveals the essence of an Angel’s purpose. Poetry is a single word upon which an insight rests. Poetry is a swatch of silk in that exact colour, precisely that and none other. Poetry is listening and wonderment. Poetry is a brush that transforms paper into a realm of magic.

Feminine plural

We are all women, by choice and by affinity; our minds work on more levels and, complex as we are, we can find solutions more quickly. We are a diverse group which came together slowly, over time, following paths that crossed, with a clear vision before us, blending a range of skills and training into a harmonious, strong team.

The heart
and the mind

Concept, design and drafting

and patience

Hand-crafted products

Intuition and warmth

Coordination and sales management

Organisation and planning

Coordination of production and purchasing

and skills

Jewellery section

The dream has come true

L’Oca Bianca ed Altre Storie®