The wonder is in us, not in things

OCA BIANCA ED ALTRE STORIE is a small workshop of SAN DANIELE DEL FRIULI (UDINE), the heart of the Ladin land. border and the transition zone where the tradition has left indelible traces, where the new is the brother of the ancient, the precious mixes with the humble without bias and only one rule: put the HEART in everything that you do, and always by hand.

It was founded 18 years ago by the passion and the observation of the innate skills of the Friulian women in work "with their hands" making accessories and decorations from natural materials or recycled, from research and the desire to renew these potentials using unusual materials and combining lines and stylized forms, mediated by Nordic design, in dusty colors and a bit 'typical of the vintage French decoration. The creations produced by the laboratory have been over the years the most varied, from natural decorations at the twisted hearts and decorated with a thousand different materials, from felt bags and boiled wool shawls to handloom fabrics, from tickets to special raku ceramics, all made with a very marked and recognizable style.

At one point, a strange thing happens that will change & agrave; life and energy of the laboratory: come the Angels and nothing sar & agrave; pi & ugrave; like before! Legions of Angels in beech and poplar with clean and essential lines, paintings and clothing all hand with poor or precious fabrics, set of cards in cotton paper, each with a special message that comes from the HEART to HEART and speaks of the special people. They travel with the lightness of the small good things, the luminous words that open all the doors closed, they are messengers of peace who use a universal and transversal language, comprehensible to all those who listen. From the laboratory of Corte San Martino in San Daniele, the expert hands dell'agguerrita team, all-female, cut, paint, sew, dress pi & ugrave every year; 15,000 angels who go to 150 stores in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France ... as far as Russia and Australia.

Every year we created two collections, one for SPRING / SUMMER, the other for the FALL / WINTER divided a 10 specific small series with different messages that develop a theme. There are ANGELS for all, of various sizes and with different characteristics. The style of the ANGELS affects the entire production lab, born then, with the same impact and the same lightness, the BIJOUX made with semi-precious stones, natural materials, silk, silver and brass, the CREATIONS OF PAPER, cards and mobiles. The latest creations are the LIGHT BOOKS, a bit 'lamps and a little' book, a little 'game a little' object, tell storie..di ANGELS. GOOSE WHITE AND OTHER STORIES - handmade in Friuli, is a registered trademark, as are all models of the angels, the jewelery and the LIGHT BOOKS. Any reproduction of the same, or parts thereof, in any way be made, even in part, is strictly prohibited and punishable under the terms of the law of protection of intellectual property and the deposits of models, trademarks and patents.

Alda Rita
Via Fagagna 1, San Daniele, Friuli Venenzia-Giulia


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